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Microcurrent Kansas City: The Lunchtime Face lift

A microcurrent facial is often referred to as a “natural facelift” or “facial toning.” Microcurrent technology began in the 1800s as a treatment for damaged tissues and muscles, but a physician eventually noticed that his patient’s skin appeared smoother and younger after receiving microcurrent therapy. Today, it’s known as a highly effective and non-surgical method to take years off your face!

If you’re looking for a treatment to lift, smooth, tighten and tone – with no downtime! – consider a microcurrent facial at Skincare by Michelle. Whether on its own or as part of one of my popular facial packages, a microcurrent facial is a popular treatment for aging skin in the greater Kansas City area!

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What is a Microcurrent Facial?

Microcurrent facials work in two ways: to spur cellular repair in the dermis (the deepest layer of your skin) while helping erase signs of aging in the epidermis (the top layer of your skin). It uses a low level of electricity (mimicking your body’s natural electrical currents) to help improve circulation and to enhance production of natural collagen and elastic. The treatment helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while also improving the overall texture and appearance of your skin.

A microcurrent facial is sometimes called “facial toning” because it’s like a workout for your face, whereby skin cells are broken down and then grow back stronger, the same way your muscles do after lifting weights. It provides muscle re-education by physically moving facial muscles into the desired position. Subsequent treatments help maintain this new contour for long-lasting results. That’s what I call a game-changer!

Microcurrent facials at SkinCare by Michelle in Overland Park are appropriate for anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their skin, regardless of whether you’re looking for anti-aging effects or preventive treatment. Certain treatments, such as pregnancy, epilepsy and cancer, may prohibit you from receiving a microcurrent facial. If you have questions on your eligibility for a microcurrent facial or would like to schedule a thorough skin analysis and consultation, give me a call.


Does Microcurrent Facial Toning Work?

A common question I receive from clients is “Does microcurrent facial toning work?” The answer is a resounding “Yes!” In addition to the above, here are some of the many other benefits of a microcurrent facial:

  • Microcurrent facials work on all skin types and colors
  • Microcurrent facials have no downtime, so you can get treatment on your lunch hour and then go about your day without the recovery and expense of other treatments
  • You’ll notice results within minutes of your first microcurrent facial – your skin will glow and appear tightened and hydrated, and you’ll have improved muscle tone in your face and neck!
  • Microcurrent facials help drain lymph nodes of toxins and infuses products for deeper penetration
  • Microcurrent facials help reduce acne and treat sun damage
  • Microcurrent facials help reduce puffiness and tighten pores
  • Microcurrent facials help hydrate your skin

What Does a Microcurrent Facial Feel Like?

The electricity of a microcurrent facial is delivered with two handheld prongs that distribute precise dosages of energy to the skin. You may feel a slight tingling as I use the prongs to manipulate your facial muscles, but you won’t feel pain – the electrical current is so low that it doesn’t stimulate sensory nerves. Many of my clients have found a microcurrent facial to be a relaxing experience!

How Long Do Results from a Microcurrent Facial Last?

Some benefits of a microcurrent facial will be immediate, but for best results, I recommend a series of microcurrent facials over several weeks. Each time a treatment is received, your new contour (as a result of the muscle re-education) will maintain its position better and longer. Following your initial treatment plan, maintenance visits every six weeks may be necessary to sustain long-lasting results!

How Much Does a Microcurrent Facial Cost?

At SkinCare by Michelle, a single microcurrent treatment is $___. You can also receive a microcurrent facial as part of one of my popular facial packages. In addition to great results, this buys you the peace of mind of knowing a trained professional is on your side!

Microcurrent Before and After

Here are just a few examples of what microcurrent facials have done for my clients. Call me to get the same results!


Microcurrent Facial Reviews

  5 stars: people who reviewed microcurrent facial treatements
  • I absolutely love the results! I was on a diet that I felt dehydrated my skin (even though I was drinking tons of water) and now I feel like my skin and bounced back. I look younger and more vibrant!
  • I am almost 60 years old and have been doing regular facials of all types for 25 years. There is absolutely no comparison to the results and compliments I receive from microcurrent facials! The results of these facials are cumulative, unlike some other facials. People think I am 10 to 15 years younger than I am!
  • The results are truly amazing! The microcurrent has a pleasant tingling and penetrates the top layer of skin to tighten the collagen below. But that’s not all – years of sun damage faded away, creases and fine lines were softened (if not entirely erased!) and my entire face looks “lifted.” Another positive side effect is that I always sleep well and deeply after a microcurrent facial.


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